Australia – Experience the Beauty of Humpback Whales During Migration

There was a time not long ago when humpback whales were highly endangered. Luckily, their numbers have started to increase, and these beautiful marine animals are now recovering. Humpback whales live in pods, a group of about 3 to 4 whales that migrate from the cold Antarctic water to warmer pastures off the east coast of Australia. Their migratory route can cover an incredible 6,000 miles.

Migratory Patterns

Most whales migrate, where they go to mate and give birth depends on the type of species. Humpback whales follow a route which takes them from the Antarctic to the South Pacific Region, an area just off the east coast of Australia. Both male and female humpbacks seem to take seasonal migrations. In most cases, migration is done by pregnant female whales who are looking to give birth in warmer waters. After they’ve had their fill of krill in the Antarctic, they travel along the east coast of Australia.

The best way to witness this remarkable migration is to get in touch with an expert in whale watching from Merimbula Marina in Sydney. An experienced team of tour operators will bring you out on a custom designed boat to see these creatures as they make their way north and return south. When booking an operator, it is best to get in touch with a smaller, family run business. They’ve a real passion for these animals and it shows with every trip.

Whales in Australia

One of the best things about seeing humpbacks migrate past Australia is the opportunity you get to see various other aquatic animals. There are well over 40 different species of whales and dolphins in Australian waters, humpbacks and southern right whales are the most prominent. When you go whale watching from somewhere like Sydney, you’ve a great chance of seeing humpbacks and southern right whales. In addition, you’ll probably get to see other species such as:

  • Orcas
  • Minke Whales
  • Pygmy Sperm Whales
  • Bottlenose Dolphins

Choosing a Whale Watching Tour Guide

During the whale watching season, several boats depart from Sydney with plenty of keen locals and tourists on board. To ensure we keep these magnificent creatures safe, we must practice responsible and respectful whale watching. As a visitor, it is your duty to select a company which puts the whales first.

Most of the time you’ll find that big whale watching operators are all about profits and smaller, family owned businesses are more about education and understanding. A local operator is generally more customer focused; they also tend to deliver a more authentic experience. When choosing an operator, always do some research on the company to see how they operate their business.

There is nothing quite like going on a whale watching cruise in Sydney. It is a trip that should be on everyone’s bucket list, from young to old. Humpback whales are magnificent creatures that deserve our utmost respect and admiration. We should teach ourselves and our children about the importance of aquatic animals and how they contribute to the surrounding environment.