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For the better part of the last several decades, the RVing lifestyle was more often found among middle-aged and older Americans. Younger people tended to prefer hotel vacations in urban areas. They tended to prefer the exciting tourist traps over

Whales inhabit every ocean and generally speaking, they spend most of their time in the polar regions, where they feed and whether northern or southern hemisphere, they migrate to warmer waters annually. The Humpback Whale population start to leave the

If you are travelling to Bangkok, but you are on a strict budget, you may be wondering where the best place to stay is going to be. Bangkok has many options for accommodation, and even the cost of luxurious hotels

Bangkok is a popular city for many expatriates to move to, and when it comes to finding somewhere to live, there are plenty of options available. There are restrictions to foreigners owning land in Thailand, which makes choosing a condo