Four Awesome Benefits of Extended Stays in Vacation Rentals

Even if travellers have access to home sharing applications and hotels for an extended stay, some situations make short-term rentals a more viable option. Extended stays are a great option when travelling for the holidays, a reunion, a long summer stay, or family emergencies. There are a lot of reasons you might want to consider booking the extended stay of your family with a more comfortable extended vacation rentals copenhagen.

Below are the benefits of extended stays:

Reduced Cost

Hotels can be fun as you have access to many amenities such as a pool, gym, spa, and others. However, after a week, a stay in a hotel can break your band especially if you are staying with a group. Plus, you are likely to get tempted to eat out more and choose unhealthy food options. Extended stays can provide the same novelty of a hotel at a fraction of the cost. Also, vacation rentals give the comfort of being at home with more space, a full kitchen, furnished rooms, as well as private amenities and appliances.

Perfect Location

The majority of hotels have a prime real estate; however, the costs are often high. And it can be hard to find a home that can be close to attractions and hold your family members with homesharing apps. Most vacation rentals that offer extended stays usually used by companies for temporary housing of employees and clients. Also, they are situated in desirable locations close to attractions, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. This lets you be in the center of all these and stay in a safe location.

Reliable Vacancy

Whether you have to offer healthcare assistance to a family member or have last-minute changes to your itinerary, you can find a vacancy with an extended stay at a vacation rental. While you may be able to find last-minute hotel websites that offer this service, they often include hidden fees and less-than-ideal amenities.


Whether you are have used an extended stay or corporate housing before or knows a company that offers the lodging, this can significantly diminish stress for you and your family when you travel. An extended stay at a vacation rental will ensure your family can stay in a fully functional and comfortable home with everyone you need every day while you enjoy the vacation at the same time. This ensures you will have a quality family time to create memories with the people you love.