Four Exciting Ways To Rediscover Your Local Beach

There are few indulgences in life more fulfilling than enjoying oneself on a beach. The sand and sea complement each other perfectly on a sunny day and, for those living nearby, the landscape offers the opportunity for relaxation and restoration.

The beach is also an amazing platform to discover new hobbies and exciting activities, with many being open to families with young children and pets too. Watersports and beach activities are also great ways to incorporate exercise into a routine too. So, whether you’re beginning to take your local beach for granted and want to once again get excited about visiting, or if you simply want to make the most out of having such a beautiful environment on your doorstep, we’re sharing four exciting ways to rediscover your local beach.

Cold Water Swimming

Jumping in the sea during the summer is a well-celebrated activity. Few of those who choose to dip and paddle in the sunshine, however, might think of the same being possible during winter. Despite many being cautious about the potential joy that can come from swimming in low temperatures, there is a growing community dedicated to just that.

Cold water swimming requires practice and, for many, a wetsuit and high-quality changing robe too. Swimmers will often spend only a few minutes in the water each time, gradually building up their comfort as the season progresses. This simple but challenging practice nets a number of health benefits, including an improved immune system, keeping swimmers better defended against colds and flu.

Land Sailing

Land sailing, occasionally referred to as land yachting, utilizes the wind to propel individuals and their vehicles across the shore at high speeds. These vehicles are highly maneuverable and can reach extremely high speeds, making land sailing a certified extreme sport, one that sees individuals engage in competition each year.

Land sailing does, however, require a significant amount of open space that is also clear from crowds, so not every beach is suitable.


Those with children and dogs might find themselves limited by the number of activities that can be enjoyed together. Paddleboarding might be, in such a case, the answer. This physically low-impact and accessible watersport is celebrated for its small learning curve. Boards can be suitable not only for individual paddlers but also for small groups and pets too, meaning that families can take to the water safely and explore together.

Metal Detecting

There has long been a stereotype that metal detecting is an activity for the elderly, those who have time to quietly comb beaches in search of interesting finds. However, recent trends, especially those occurring on platforms like TikTok, are demonstrating that the younger generation are now turning to this exploratory activity and taking to beaches in the interest of exciting discoveries.

As the popularity of metal detecting rises, equipment is also getting more affordable too. So, it’s now easier than ever to begin exploring your local shores and finding brilliant, even valuable, treasures beneath your feet.