The Advantages of Roof Top Tents

There’s nothing like hitting the roads for an outdoor adventure, giving you the perfect opportunity to get away from your busy life. But whether you enjoy weekend getaways or lengthy trips, you’ll want to have the right equipment on hand to ensure you’re comfortable. One great addition to any outdoor adventurer’s arsenal is a roof top tent. These tents attach to your four wheel drive vehicle to provide a sheltered area that’s raised up off the ground, helping you to stay safe and comfortable. If you’re on the fence about getting a roof top tent, here are some benefits that roof top tents in Australia can provide, including improved comfort, easy set-up, better safety and more fun.

 Improved Comfort

If you’re a seasoned camper, you’ll likely have been on a few trips that have been hampered by discomfort. When you camp in a normal tent, you can be exposed to the elements more, not to mention the hardness and coldness of the ground. With a roof top tent, you’re raised up off the ground, meaning you can stay warmer. You can also enjoy a softer and smoother surface to rest upon, with no pesky rocks jutting into you to keep you awake. If you travel outdoors often, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a roof top tent that can provide you with a higher level of comfort compared to a traditional on-ground tent.

 Easy Set-Up

One of the best things about roof top tents in Australia is how easy they are to set up. With a roof top tent, you don’t need to worry about stakes, poles and tie-downs, as your tent will be safely secured to your vehicle. This can greatly speed up the process of both setting up your tent and packing it down. Some roof top tents can take less than a minute to set up, with only a few clamps needed to attach it to your vehicle. Compare this to the time it takes to set up an on-ground tent, which often comes with complicated instructions and the need to drive stakes into rock-hard ground.

 Better Safety

When you’re camping on the ground in a normal tent, you’re a sitting duck for any animals that might come nosing around your camp site. While Australia might not be home to many large dangerous animals, you still don’t want smaller animals getting into your tent and giving you a nasty surprise, or accessing your food supplies. When you camp on the ground, you’ll also be a magnet for any crawling insects around, such as ants and spiders, some of which can have nasty bites. With a roof top tent, you can stay safe from animals and insects by being raised up off the ground, safely out of their reach.

 More Fun

Another great benefit of roof top tents in Australia is the sense of fun they can add to your travels. There’s something about being up high and being able to look around you that adds a certain special something to the camping experience. If you go camping often and have never stayed in a roof top tent before, it’s a great way to inject a sense of fun and novelty.