A Guide To Buying A Condo In Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular city for many expatriates to move to, and when it comes to finding somewhere to live, there are plenty of options available. There are restrictions to foreigners owning land in Thailand, which makes choosing a condo the perfect solution to get around this, as any nationality can own a condo. If this is something you are considering, there is plenty of information below to help you with your search, enabling you to find the perfect property to live in when you move to Bangkok.

What Size Condo Do You Require?

Your first consideration will have to be the size of the condo that you require, and if it is for one person, and you may wish to consider a studio or a one-bedroom unit. When it comes to looking for a condo for sale, Bangkok has plenty of options throughout the city, and the further away from the centre you live, the cheaper the apartment will be.

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget is also going to play a vital role in your search for the perfect condo, and as mentioned above, the units that are further out of the city are cheaper. As such, you can often get much more for your money if you are willing to live away from the city centre, and maybe even a bigger unit.

What Facilities Do You Require?

You will also have to consider what facilities you want in your condo building, and the more basic the building is, the cheaper the monthly fees are. You may wish to have a swimming pool in your condo and maybe a gym, and you may also want to have laundry facilities which will save you having to buy a washing machine. Having a shop on the premises will also prevent you from leaving the building for small items, and you can often find other shops like hairdressers in condo buildings.

Transport Links

Getting around Bangkok can be hard work, whether you are using public transport, taxis, or a private vehicle, but you will want to choose somewhere to live with excellent transport links. If you can select somewhere with easy access to the MRT or BTS transport systems, getting around the city will be more straightforward. If you are going to have a private vehicle in Bangkok, you will want to ensure that the condo you choose to buy has secure parking for your car, truck, or motorbike.