Visiting Nandi Hills for the First Time? Here’s How to Make the Most of It

There are plenty of hill stations near Delhi and Kolkata. While the national capital is blessed with Kasauli and Mussoorie, the City of Joy boasts of Darjeeling and Mirik. However, the residents of Bangalore have discovered Nandi Hills, which offersan experience like no other. Located just 65kms from the main city,this destination takes you far away from the chaos of big city life. Here tourists can enjoy stunning sunrises, organic farms and adventurous activities. So, if you are planning to take Delhi to Bengaluru flights for business or leisure, don’t forget to add Nandi Hills in your itinerary. Here’s a look at how to make it a great weekend escapade.

The Best Time to Visit

First time visitors should know that there is no best time to visit Nandi Hills. You can enjoy luxurious natural beauty in summers, winters and monsoons. So, regardless of the season during which you book Kolkata to Bengaluru flights, you are up for a beautiful, undisturbed trip. However, to be more specific, June to August would be more pleasant and enjoyable than the rest of the year. The hill gates are open from 6am to 6pm. So, make your plans accordingly.

What to See in Nandi Hills?

It is replete with plenty of tourist attractions,most of which offer fantastic views. Head over to Amrita Sarovar, which is the main source of water supply here. Among temples around Bangalore, Yoga Nandeeshwaraand BhogaNandeeshwaratemples are the finest. Nature lovers can also check out River Arkavati and Grover Vineyards, which offer remarkable scenic beauty. Lastly, history buffs can go to Brahmashram. It is an ancient cave believed to be the place of meditation of RamkrishnaParamhamsa.

For athrilling experience, consider visiting Tipu’s Drop. In ancient times, prisoners were thrown down the cliff from here. Locals believe the rustling leaves on a stormy night represent their piercing screams. Artfully crafted Tashk-e-Jannat or Tipu Sultan’s residence is also worth a visit.

What to Do in Nandi Hills?

For all the adrenaline junkies travelling in Delhi to Bengaluru flights, Nandi Hills is a paradise. You can go for cycling, biking and trekking up to Chennagiri. It is also one of the best paragliding destinations of Karnataka, where you can happily fly over hills and lush terrains. Beyond camping and lounging, this is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. Later, simply head over to Tribal Café or Indian Paratha Place to enjoy some delectable cuisines at great prices.

How to Reach Nandi Hills?

After deboarding your flight from Delhi to Bengaluru, look for taxis outside the airport. The price starts from around ₹1,300 and could be higher depending on the type of vehicle you choose. If you are on a budget trip, consider checking out buses that take you directly to your location.

Nandi Hills stand tall to welcome all kinds of tourists. Be it an adventure, nature, history or food lover, everyone can enjoy in equal mirth and vigor. Make sure to book your reservations to avoid the peak hour rush.