Staying In Bangkok On A Budget

If you are travelling to Bangkok, but you are on a strict budget, you may be wondering where the best place to stay is going to be. Bangkok has many options for accommodation, and even the cost of luxurious hotels is much more affordable than in Europe or other places. Below is a guide to the accommodation on offer when you are visiting Bangkok on a budget this year.

The Different Options Available

When it comes to choosing somewhere to stay in Bangkok, there are many different options from which you can choose. There is a wealth of 5-star hotels, and although they are affordable, they may be out of your budget. However, you can get a 4-star hotel in Silom or another area of the city at remarkably low prices, and even more so when you travel in the off-season. As well as this option there are plenty of 3-star hotels and guesthouses which are perfect when you have a limited budget. You can even stay in a dormitory which can help you to save money.

The Cheapest Areas To Stay

You will find that some Bangkok areas are more expensive than others to stay in, so you will want to consider staying in one of the cheaper areas of town if you are on a budget. The Khao Sarn Road area is popular with backpackers, so there is also plenty of affordable accommodation in this area. There is also plenty of cheap accommodation in the Sukhumvit area, and the more inexpensive places tend to be in the back streets close to the Nana BTS station. You can also find some excellent deals in areas such as On Nut, China Town, and Phra Nakhon, and the Trip Advisor website is an ideal place to search for affordable accommodation for your trip.

Choosing The Right Time Of Year

The time of year you choose to travel to Bangkok can also have a say in the price you pay for your accommodation. The cheapest time to visit is during the rainy season when it is still hot, but there will usually be a couple of rain hours every day, which is between June and October. The most popular and expensive time to visit is the cooler season which runs from November to February. Choosing to stay during the summer months of March to April can see some excellent bargains, but cheap accommodation availability may be limited during the Thai New Year in April. Do plenty of research before you book your trip, and you can have a fantastic holiday in Bangkok for a lot less than you thought.