Affordable Short Break Ideas You Can Consider This Easter

With the new year finally here, you can start planning your family holidays for Easter 2023, and with the increased cost of living, you may be looking for affordable alternatives to holidaying abroad. There are options you can consider for you and your family that can be affordable when you shop around and ensure you have lots of fun together when you plan a holiday for Easter. Below you can see some options that may suit your budget and ensure you have a quality holiday with your family without spending too much money this Easter.

A Camping Holiday

If you have all the camping gear you need, or you can borrow it from someone, it can be an affordable holiday option for you and the family and be lots of fun. You can find quality destinations for camping in Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales, that offer spectacular scenery, although you may not always get the weather. You can enjoy being out in the fresh air and spend lots of time with your family doing lots of fun activities, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Board Games

You can do many free or affordable things that can help you enjoy a fantastic camping holiday in beautiful parts of the UK with your family and ensure you all have an amazing time.

A Home-Based Holiday

You can also consider a home-based holiday where you will go out and do something different every day, which can be an affordable option for many families. Look at free and inexpensive attractions close to your home and plan days out for you and the family. You can pack a picnic that you can enjoy and help reduce your spending at your destination and explore attractions in your local area. You can consider doing things such as:

  • A historical tour of your local town or city
  • Spending a day at the swimming baths
  • Hiking
  • A day of sports at your local park
  • Spending a day at museums & art galleries

You can also set up your tent in the back garden and sleep outside in it for a night or two to make it feel more like a holiday and bring your closer as a family. No matter where you live in the UK, there are plenty of things to do and places to explore on your doorstep that can help keep your family entertained affordably.

A Caravan Holiday

There are still plenty of affordable caravan holidays available if you look, which are better suited for people that are uncomfortable camping. You get to stay indoors where it is warmer and dryer and sleep on a bed each night instead of the ground. There are caravan parks throughout the UK with many options available, so you should easily find something suitable for you and your family. You have cooking facilities, so it is much cheaper than going out for food daily, saving money by preparing it yourself. Choose a location with plenty of free and inexpensive attractions locally, and it can help keep your family entertained and ensure they take home plenty of beautiful memories.