Planning A Fantastic Camping Holiday In Beautiful Scotland

When you need a holiday and enjoy camping, consider taking a camping holiday to Scotland and enjoy some of the country’s beautiful scenery. There are many things to see and do throughout the country, and you can plan a fantastic adventure and explore some of the many attractions available. Planning your trip can ensure you maximise your time, see as much as possible for your holiday up north, and enjoy yourself thoroughly. Below are some tips to help you start planning a fantastic camping adventure in Scotland and the many factors you must consider.

Consider What You Want To See & Do

One of the first factors you must consider is what you want to see and do while you are camping, and Scotland has lots to offer visitors. You can stay in the countryside and do lots of rambling and hiking, stay along the coast and explore nature, or stay closer to civilisation, so you have more options available. You can see what is available and decide which part of Scotland you wish to go camping, and then look for somewhere suitable to stay.

Finding A Suitable Campsite

There are many online resources you can use to help you find the best campsite for your needs, and an excellent one you can use is the Camping Scotland website. They have a comprehensive list of places throughout Scotland that you can use to find your ideal pitch to set up your tent. Look at the various options available; there should be a few, and you can select the perfect campsite or multiple ones for your holiday in Scotland.

Deciding When To Go

The British weather can be changeable at the best of times, and you usually have to take potluck when holidaying in the UK. The best time of year for camping in Scotland is between April and May, and although the weather may be cooler, there are no midges which can be highly annoying when they bite you. You cannot guarantee the weather either way at this time of year, so ensure you pack for all seasons and are prepared to have fun, no matter what the weather decides to do.

How To Get There

Some parts of Scotland can be remote, and if you are using public transport to get to your destination, it can be a long journey, depending on your starting point. If you drive, getting to your campsite is not a problem, and you can use satellite navigation to guide you to your destination. If you do not drive, trains can be suitable for your journey, and if you book in advance, you can get some excellent deals. You can use the Scot Rail website to help plan your camping trip and arrive at your chosen campground.

Now that you have chosen your destination and booked everything, including transport, you can start preparing for your fantastic trip to beautiful Scotland. Ensure you pack everything you need and have clothes to suit all seasons, and you are sure to have a wonderful time and want to head back again to see what else you can explore.