My New Favourite Sailing Watch

If you’re a traveller who can spare $2,000 or wants to sail as well as stay in shape, then you need a Garmin sailing watch! Garmin does not make only the vast and massive watches that are mainly used for running, but it also makes all kinds of fitness wear

This range now includes a smartwatch that has been developed in collaboration with the American Magic team known for sailing, from their summer base in Italy. The newly launched watch has been named the MARQ Captain: The American Magic Edition which has an analog watch attached showing a ‘T-minus’ sign that is the countdown to the 36th edition of the sailing race America’s Cup scheduled to start in 2021. This can be considered as the best feature for this watch because the sailors will feel enthusiastic and enthralled when they see that they are finally approaching the most awaited sailings race of the year.

The wearer will not be able to see or notice it clearly, but the MARQ Captain from Garmin has got a theme of its known and that is ‘Sailing’. Anyone who wears this watch will be able to realize that this is perfect for sailing professionals. The sailors who will wear this watch will be able to access three workouts that are exclusive to the watch and they are fitness tests, race stimulation, and intervals. These exclusive styles of workouts are very important for the sailors to stay fit and healthy. The workout patterns have been designed by the partner sailing team American Magic. This watch can be used when someone is sailing and cannot get access to other devices.

Garmin’s MARQ Captain also features a pulse oximeter and a heart-rate monitor. It can also track some of the most advanced stats including the dynamics for running and approximate VO2 max. It can be used as a recovery device too. It does not end here. There are some extra characteristics that make this watch stand out apart from any other smartwatches. And this is the reason why it is exclusive. Other premium and unique features this watch has are entertainment-based like streaming music and Garmin Play. Along with that, it has activity tracking, sleep monitoring, GPS navigation, and maritime profiles which the wearer can use while sailing. The sailor wearing this watch can even receive mobile notifications. The device can be used to receive weather reports including conditions of the home ports and alerts on storms approaching.

When a sailor spends $2,000 for a watch, it is expected that he will want features that are premium and exclusive to the device, and when the manufacturer is Garmin, it has to be out-of-the-box. It is strange for a fitness ware company like Garmin to not mention the rating of water resistivity for this exclusive sailing smartwatch. It can be simply assumed that it will be something beyond waterproof. The MARQ Captain: The American Magic Edition smartwatch costs $2,000 in the USA. It is priced at £1,599.99 in the UK. The watch is available for sale at the Garmin website.