New travel destinations: visit Hong Kong and fly to Bali

You can explore Asia thanks to new flights connections from Brisbane to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Bali. Planning a trip including Hong Kong and Bali will offer a new experience where Hong Kong’s modern way of life will meet Bali’ s nature and tradition.

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Hong Kong’s  modern way of life

The island of Hong Kong is an independent  town in which about seven million people live and work from different countries. This modern city is a unique place in the world with its famous skyline and also parks and multiple attractions. Hong Kong is an economic asset in the world and it’s a melting pot of cultures and traditions. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the town from Victoria Peak or from high buildings like the international finance centre. Disneyland in Hong Kong and Ocean Park are thematic parks where you can spend an amazing journey between games and attractions. But Hong Kong also has a spiritual and traditional face, let’s see the most mystical places in Hong Kong.

The spiritual face of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a modern and economical city, a melting pot of cultures and traditions is very alive. In this busy city you can find corners where your soul can find peace. One of the most spiritual places in Hong Kong is Man Mo temple, which is one of the most antique temples in town. The Monastery of  Po Linis located on Lantau island, is another mystic place, on the top of the hill, rising 200 steps you can reach the statue of  Tian Tan, one of the biggest Buddha in the world. Discover the monastery at Sha Tin famous because of its big collection of over 13000 Buddha’s statues. You can spend a relaxing journey at  Nan Lian Garden or at Lamma island, an exclusive island with restaurants, modern architecture, beaches and gardens.

From Hong Kong to Bali

You can enjoy two different faces of Asia flying from Hong Kong to Bali. Thanks to new flight connections you can enjoy two different tastes of Asia.

Discovering Bali

The Indonesian island is one of the top destinations for holidays. Bali offers a big selection of beaches, natural parks, forests, volcanoes and all kinds of services a visitor can desire. Nature in Bali is an explosion of smell and colors. Kilometers of white beaches where you can practice sea sports, forests and volcanoes for trekking. In Bali you can find a big choice of accommodation, from local guest houses to five star resorts. Food is Bali excellent, always prepared with love and passion. You can find local street food but also high class restaurants. Let’s see how to spend an amazing holiday in Bali.

Sport and nature in Bali

With its high selection of beaches, Bali is a top destination for sea sports and beach life. The sea is wonderful and weather conditions permit to practice several sea sports or just relax on the beach. Bali is one of the top destinations for surfers, surf schools are located near the most important surf spots. But here you can also practice, canoe, stand up paddle, and also if there are conditions you can practice windsurfing or kitesurfing. Forests and volcanoes with their wild nature are perfect for trekking excursions. Several agencies offers guided excursions to see the most important natural beauties of the island.

Accommodations and services

Bali is a destination that can offer a big choice of accommodation and services. From family guest houses and apartments ruled by local family till first class resorts with all inclusive services, in Bali you can find the right solution for your budget and your desires. You can move in the island with local transports but also renting a scooter or a car. Food is excellent everywhere from local street food until top rated restaurants. Every request can find a solution that will match visitor’s budget and desires. Bali is the perfect choice for a great summer holiday.

Discover the two faces of Asia from Hong to Bali to understand real Asian culture, traditions and way of life. A travel between two different ways of life, two different worlds.