Tips on Holidaying in Thailand

Thailand is one of the premier vacation destinations, and for very good reason, as you can experience several unique cultures within a culture, with the mountainous north and the tropical south, both with their own special customs. If you are planning to visit this amazing country, here are a few tips to help make the experience something special.

  • Do Some Online Research – Thailand is so diverse that you should carry out some online research in order to make the right decisions regarding where you spend your time. If you have a month or more, you can enjoy all corners of this tropical paradise, spending a couple of weeks in one of the hotels in Phi Phi island in Thailand, then heading by train to the colourful north of Thailand.
  • Take Out Health Insurance – Medical treatment can be very expensive in Thailand, and in order to protect yourself, take out a comprehensive insurance policy, which you can find with an online insurer. You might, for example, rent a small motorcycle, which is a very dangerous activity that often leads to hospital treatment, plus you could get sick at any time.
  • Learn the Language Basics – Learning the numbers and few general phrases will prove to be invaluable, and the local people really do warm to foreigners who try to speak their language. There are free online resources to help you learn Thai, which is a very phonetic language, and the more you know when you arrive, the better your experience will be.
  • Understand Thai Culture – The Thais are very proud people and their country has never been colonised, which means their culture has not been influenced by exterior aspects, and they revere their royal family, so do be careful if you mention their king. It is considered impolite to touch a Thai person’s head, so bear this in mind. Thais are happy people and they live their lives with a smile on their face, living for the moment, which is a Buddhist philosophy.
  • Booking Accommodation – If you are travelling to Thailand between the months of November to March, this is high season, therefore you should book your resort well in advance. There are resorts that are affordable and offer 5-star services in a tropical setting, and if you browse a few resorts, there are deals to be had.

Your holiday in Thailand can be planned in advance, and with online solutions, you can make your booking from the comfort of your own home, and then plan your holiday step by step.