In Trend Decor Themes For Your Wedding

When you are all set to spend the rest of your life with your would-be better half, finding the best decor for your wedding must be exciting. If you have a taste for simple or elegant decor, you will certainly want to compare the price, quality, and charm of different decor options.

Weddings are a precious moment in everyone’s life. In most cases, people have the moment only once during their lifetime. Although some people have it more than once, it is usually only a single occurrence. To match the trend, you must be aware of the features of the wedding venues to make them trendy. Some of the features are listed below-

Decorating the Wedding Stage

The wedding stage is the focal point of any wedding venue. The most attractive wedding stage decorations are usually seen in cities like Jodhpur, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. Majestic Ballroom by The LaLiT is one of the best 5-star wedding venues in Mumbai.

Decorating the Entrance

The entrance should be decorated carefully to make the wedding venue attractive at first sight.

Lighting and decorating with flower

Decorating with rice bulbs, chandeliers, and lights of different colors and shapes should be included in the decoration. Flowers should also be carefully chosen. In most cases, red, yellow, and white flowers are included. Some of the in-trend decor themes that will be perfect for your wedding are –

Fairytale wedding

The costume, wedding decor, venue, and catering style are perfect to match your childhood fairytale. The wedding decor applied in Fairytale Wedding aims to achieve a romantic atmosphere that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Royal Wedding theme

One of the most trendy wedding themes, the Royal Wedding Theme is a perfect choice if you love grandeur and majesty. The wedding decor inside the venue will stun everyone entering inside. There are many resorts in Mumbai with such wedding venues. However, The LaLiT provides one of the best wedding venues in Mumbai, well-decorated with royal lights and a kingly atmosphere. Several other groups like Ramada and ITC also offer magnificent wedding venues in Mumbai. Rajasthan also has some grand resorts that are perfect for marvelous wedding ceremonies.

The Rajasthani Wedding Theme

It is a consistently popular choice among the Indian people due to its traditional vibe of Rajasthan. The Rajasthani wedding theme’s decor includes low floor seating with bolsters and cushions. The sangeet event includes Rajasthani folk songs. The bride and groom will wear the Rajputani bridal Lehenga and Jamawar Sherwani with beads, Zari, or stonework. Everything in this wedding theme will fill your mind with a pleasant vibe.

Amaze your family members with the decorations and exclusive themes in your wedding. With these themes, you will make your wedding memorable, not only for you and your partner but also for everyone visiting your wedding. There are popular wedding resorts in different cities. The LaLiT has the most popular wedding resort in Mumbai, and IBIZA Resort and The Vedic Village are some of Kolkata’s most popular wedding resorts. Book your resort now!