Really Fun Things to do Whilst You Are in Sydney

If you are going to, or live in Sydney and find yourself with some spare time that you can dedicate to a fun activity day then you won’t be disappointed. There are a whole load of things to do and activities to enjoy whether you are going to spend the day by yourself, with friends or with your family, there should be something for everyone to get involved in. Finding spare time these days is a luxury to say the least so it may have been some time since you looked at what is on offer, by way of an update or, refresher, here are a few things you could have a go at;

Amusement Park

This is more likely to be a family activity, although you may feel like going and being a big kid for the day, never rule out the amount of fun to be had at an amusement park. Sydney has one of the best amusement parks for miles around, consisting of roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides and various activities and events.

Whale watching

One of the most unique and special activities to have a go at is whale watching, hard to do from the shore of course, so, there are operators that can take you out on a boat excursion across the bays and to the best spots to see whales. Whales pass through the ocean surrounding Sydney as they progress on their journey to warmer waters as part of their yearly migration, if, there was ever a once in a lifetime activity to do, surely this must be it!? You can book Sydney whale watching online, while the operator’s website is full of useful information to help you prepare for a unique experience.

Water Jetpacking

The bays of Sydney are also home to water jet packing experiences, when you first see people hovering high over the water using just what is essentially a water pump it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. If you like water sports then this really is something that you should experience, you can do just the jet packing or you can arrange for jet skiing and parasailing to be part of your package.

Glenworth Valley

If you like the great outdoors, then you will be really interested in what the Glenworth Valley has to offer, you can try your hand a many activities including rock climbing or abseiling, horse riding, kayaking, cycling, the list is almost endless. You might just vote for a day of strolling around the wonderful nature and scenery that covers the entire valley.